Happy New Year!

Bull & Company (B&C) is super excited. It’s the new year. We’re not exactly where Back to the Future thought we would be in 2015, but it seems like we’re in such a better place. Then again Back to the Future was just a movie. Tony Hawk did demo the first actual Hoverboard. That’s pretty sweet!

I almost forgot. You know how often the New Year is all about New Year, New You right? Well literally last night at New Year’s we launched our brand new site. You’re literally looking at it right here. We built the site similarly to what we’d build for a client. We’re using a content management system: WordPress. We have custom graphics and content. The site is responsive so that it works on phones, tablets and computers. No more having to build 2 sites. The site is being tracked by google analytics, bing, yahoo and the other relevant search engines. We’ve got backups setup in case something goes wrong. We have site security installed to protect the site. Social channels are set up and linked (they’re at the top and bottom of the site). We’ve highlighted and shown our client’s site as best we can without annoying flashing lights or other stupid HTML tricks. Finally lots of technical know-how that happens behind the scenes.

Please take a look at the rest of the site. Our goal as always is to help you and your company look as best as possible to both humans and search engines. If we can build a new site for you and your company or take care of an existing site, please let us know.