Strange title we know. We’ll get to what it means in a minute.

What we hear from clients ALL the time is should we do a blog? Then the next question is if we do a blog, what in the world do we write about? What in the world is WIIFM?

Let’s start with the first 2 questions. I promise we’ll get to WIIFM shortly. Should you do a blog? Absolutely you should write a blog! Why? I’m glad you asked, it’s the cheapest and most effective way to increase your search engine rankings or search engine optimization (SEO). Why should you care about your search engine rankings or SEO? It’s how people find you on the Internet. Without rankings, unless someone puts your website address in directly to their browser of choice (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari) they aren’t going to be able to find your company.

What should you write about? Another great question. You should write about: WIIFM. I told you we’d get to what WIIFM is. Now what does it mean? It’s an acronym. It stands for: What’s IIFor Me. Every blog post should be about WIIFM.

It’s great that your company may have been around for 12 years, some of your favorite colors are blue and orange and your founder loves to bicycle all over the place like our company Bull & Company. However, that’s not very relevant to our customers and potential customers. What’s more important is can we be the source to answer and/or fulfill some of your company’s Internet marketing. In other words, can we be the scratch to your itch? We do focus our writing on a little bit about our company, but more importantly we focus our blog post writing on what our customers and potential customers need or are asking for. You can have 100 years of experience, but if you don’t focus on what your customer needs your message is irrelevant! One more point about that. As much as we all try to be altruistic, the fact is we all still base what we will and won’t do based on WIIFM. So you should write your blog posts about your customer’s idea of WIIFM not necessarily your own.

By the way, along the lines of WIIFM lets say you’re not a writer or don’t have the time. Do you see it coming? Guess what we do? Bull & Company can certainly write your blogs for you. And one more point. This applies to your social channels as well: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Get out there and write with purpose, but more importantly write about WIIFM!